Mount Olympus Neighborhood Association (MONA) has been working for half a century through its membership and board of directors to organize, beautify and advocate for our neighborhood and its public spaces. We bring our community together to make a safe, clean and inviting environment to live in and for others to visit. Join us!

Our Mission:

  • Safeguard the welfare of our residents and properties
  • Beautify and improve the neighborhood
  • Encourage friendly association among residents
  • Improve our neighborhood and its public spaces
  • Maintain historical records and preserve our unique part of San Francisco

Over decades, MONA has taken action for all of us:

  • Prevented unnecessary development at the bend of Upper Terrace
  • Required utility pole removal and undergrounding
  • Secured watering system in Mount Olympus Park
  • Required a mirror for the Roosevelt/Clifford blind spot
  • Designed the wall and retro fixture at the overlook in the 300 block of Upper Terrace

Issues we are currently involved with:

  • Housing development on Upper Terrace and the corner of 17th and Roosevelt
  • Planned repair and rebuilding of Monument Way Stairway to 17th St
  • Parking and traffic proposals
  • Commitment to keep public spaces clean, repaired, safe and beautiful
  • Work with fellow neighborhood associations to keep San Francisco livable for all
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