Board of Directors

Dan Slaughter, President – 415.531.2800
Dan was raised in West Virginia, graduated from Cornell University (History/Russian Studies) and UCLA Law School. He lived in New York and Los Angeles before moving to our beautiful city in 1997. He was a practicing commercial litigation attorney for 20 years, specializing in class action litigation, and now a real estate broker assisting sellers and buyers of homes, condos, TICs and small apartment buildings. Dan loves all kinds of music, travel and fashion. He has lived at 379 Upper Terrace since 2002 with his husband Stephan Blachowski and two dogs, Helga and Gretel.

Esther Marks, Treasurer –
Esther has lived in the neighborhood for decades with her husband Steve, who created the fountain in front of their house located at 125 Upper Terrace.  Currently Buster, Annie, and The Dude are also in residence. Esther loves early Saturday morning Embarcadero farmer’s market and eating and cooking. Through involvement in local politics, she has walked the streets of San Francisco.

Carol Glanville, Member –
Carol has lived at 290 Upper Terrace since l968.  She arrived with her late husband, John, one child, and another on the way. They were swept up in MONA affairs because the effort to save the view to the north of Mt. Olympus, kicked off with a street fair which closed off Upper Terrace  from Clifford Terrace to the Monument Park, coincided with their arrival. Her husband was asked to be on the board.  From then on, one or the other were active in some capacity. Carol is an accidental archivist of MONA, partly because former officers going through their papers passed stuff on to her. She was president for too many years, until spring 2018. Over the years, much of her attention was focused on gardening at the park, which underwent several changes of plantings because of climate conditions and other factors. Prior to moving to San Francisco, she lived in New Jersey, Ohio, Chicago and Manhattan.  She never lost her native accent. She is a life long learner. It is never too late.

Miriam Goodman, Member –
Miriam is a public relations consultant and award-winning radio and television producer. She is also the author of Reinventing Retirement (Chronicle Books) and Too Much Togetherness (Cedar Fort Publishing). Miriam produced, wrote and moderated the first nationally syndicated feminist radio program, and has been a frequent contributor to NPR, the CBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She was a television producer for Newsweek Broadcasting, and a documentary producer for the NBC-TV affiliate in San Francisco where she received two EMMY nominations. She has served on many boards and commissions in SF and has lived in the MONA area for 20 years. Miriam is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Katie Wilcox, Member –
Katie moved from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco in 2004 following her career in media with CBS to Clear Channel and now iHeartMedia where she is the Region President for San Francisco running seven radio stations and architecting audio strategies with streaming, podcast and digital with Bay Area businesses & enterprises.  What was intended to be a few years of career growth resulted in much more gratifying growth: roots. She met and married her husband Robert and they adopted their daughter after settling in the MONA neighborhood.  Katie has lived in Nob Hill, Cow Hollow, NOPA. None compare to the community feel, the quality neighbors and location of MONA.  Today you will find her chasing after her young toddler on the yellow scooter with the green helmet, biking to city parks & hiking every chance she gets. Whenever possible, she squeezes in any culinary adventure she can find whether foraged, made or just delivered. Katie was a competitive sailor after college and into her early years in San Francisco where she leaned that wet and cold are only temporary sacrifices for a good salt water exfoliation. She has a BS in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Portland State University (earned from five universities in four states completed in three years funded by two full scholarships for one degree, ask her about it!)

Susan Takaki, Member – susantakaki@monasf
Susan was born in San Francisco. She spent a good part of her childhood living in Japan, where she learned to speak Japanese fluently strictly from watching Japanese television shows. She is a graduate of UCSB, and spent time in Los Angeles after graduation working in the television and music industries. It was there that she met her husband Joe, who convinced her to move back to San Francisco to raise their family which now includes their 15 year old daughter and 11 year old son. They landed in Cole Valley in 2007, and have been a part of the Mt. Olympus community since 2010. Susan recently changed careers and is working at a tech start-up. In her spare time she is actively involved in causes such as housing, homelessness, political, and educational reform. You can also find her biking around the city and enjoying longer bike rides in wine country.

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