MONA Board Meeting 3/2/23

  1. Board Members- Present: Dan Slaughter (379 UT), Esther Marks (125 UT), Carol Glanville (290 UT), Katie Wilcox (74 Piedmont), Miriam Goodman (50 Piedmont), Susan Takaki (263 UT)
  1. Budget report- Esther: $5400 remaining
  2. First board meeting of 2023- Each board member to commit to a project/responsibility:
  • Dan- Monument work days, answer calls, tax return, 
  • Katie- symphony, co-chair holiday party w Esther, help out with gaps, mimsy + katie block party
    • Block party date should not be close to symphony 
    • Should occur in the spring (May is good after rainy season)
  • Mimsy- new resident welcome package, block party w Katie
  • Carol- read park station newsletter, turn over archives, etc to Joe, who wants to go to Rafael’s crime meeting on 3/10?
  • Susan’s project- logo? Would be nice to have on Mimsy’s new welcome package items
  1. Recruitment of new board members
  • Katie- we have roles, assign function. Bylaws have a standard president, secretary, treasurer. Most boards are bigger and have committees, we are not big enough. Not enough involved members.
    • In the past- public safety, utilities, traffic and parking (infrastructure). Benefits are knowing someone to call and who to follow up with. 311 works. 
    • Katie willing to take on website in exchange for social coordination. 
  • Dan- communications is another responsibility, some orgs have newsletters. Website could have neighborhood events listed
  • Katie- we can recruit someone else to join the board. 
  • Dan knows someone who would volunteer for webmaster. $2500 to set up website, to maintain website and add content is a JOB. Time consuming b/c need to put up new content every month. Find content, get it, put it up in a way that’s engaging, and inform people that is there. 
  • Katie- It would be nice just to have it as a starting point, photos, long blog. 
  • Carol- photo of the month
  • Katie and Dan- find the social coordinator first. Discussion of potential board members. Decision to approach Ulrich Lewen (69 Piedmont) and Joyce Polhamus (107 UT)
  • Katie- Ashbury gates got tagged, found the original paint color. Need to find time to power wash and then paint. Will take a day and needs to be planned. 
  • Carol- who is painting w easel on the corner?

V. Monument Way Stairs (17th to UT) –

  • Supposed to finish in March. After finished, do a bit of landscaping possibly. 
  • Katie- emails regarding this project kind of confusing
  • Entire project will be completed  and open by May- can have block party in May.
    • Connects us with 17th ST. Relatively large space that people can hang out. Negative- street surrounding area not safe. 
    • Esther- Can use carport space. Should have party to celebrate. Impressed w Anya, give her recognition for her work on this project. 
    • Mimsy- out of town till 5/14. 
    • Katie- Ribbon cutting independent of block party. Unless we can do carport. Can use the alley. 
    • Dan- might be too ambitious to do block party and ribbon cutting for stairs. 
  • Esther- Bench at top of stairs, replace eucalyptus trees with another tree that won’t clog the drain. Wind break needed but leaves are a concern.
    • Anya will open up stairs as soon as they can, lots of people use the stairs. They will have site meeting to come up with plan. 
    • Dan-$10K for fence not that much. 
    • Katie- ask people what they want fence or bench or landscaping at party
  • Group- Block party: 6/3/23 3:00PM-5:00PM, in the alley way.
    • Esther will bring cones up and Joe can put out cones to block the alley. 

VI.  Symphony- September

  • Did not discuss 

VII. General Member Meeting- agenda for the year

  • Date not determined
  • Katie- Pieces of information. Short  history.

VIII. Park Work days: 

  • 4/1/23, 7/22/23, 10/7/23
  • Native plants: slow growing.

IX. Communications

  • See above

X. New resident welcome package

  • In progress, not discussed in detail

MONA Board Meeting – September 27, 2022

Attendees: Mimsy Goodman, Carol Glanville, Esther Marks, Katie Wilcox, Susan Takaki, Dan Slaughter

Budget report and membership report – Esther

  • Recruitment of new board members (Clifford Terrace, Delmar, Masonic, Loma Vista, Roosevelt, 17th St, renter, website pro): 
  • People want to help out but it is hard to come up with job description such as secretary, treasurer.
    • Take on tasks (ie symphony tix, website, communications, project) 
    • Katie: Room for 2 social directors. 
    • Carol: Tech person needed. 
  • Dan:We need additional board members because:
    • Diversity (ie what’s going on in different parts of the neighborhood), 
    • Traditionally no one does anything unless they are on the board. Signing up for the board is an indication of one’s willingness to do something.
    • Mission statement in the bylaws: MONA advocates and organizes to beautify the neighborhood public spaces, monitor for crimes and other issues, liaison for other neighborhoods [This is paraphrased and incomplete, the complete mission statement is in the By Laws].
      • Main purpose is to have some neighborhood group for people to meet neighbors and socialize. 
      • When something comes up people already know each other and it’s easy to mobilize.
  • Katie- Do we have any big holes in the neighborhood? Parts of Clifford, Loma vista, Masonic. We had Phil Crawford and Sarah Monroy on Clifford. Need someone else like them. The other need is a person that could take projects and run with it. 
  • Ulrich could be an option. He might do a project, could be worth approaching if there is a specific need. Long term, committed to neighborhood

Lessons Learned from Block party and Symphony:     Plan block party next year for late spring before school lets out and people start going on vacations.

November General Membership Meeting 

  • Wednesday 11/2 @ Randall Museum
    • Room reserved – thanks Mimsy! 
    • What time is the meeting? 6:00-8:00 
    • Will we have food/drinks?–Esther will bring
    • Discussed having a MONA board meeting before the membership meeting regarding the caroling and afterparty details. All members agreed to just communicate via email and discuss after membership meeting if need be.
    • Katie: General Meeting master calendar for next year (can be vague by seasons), opportunities for volunteer, and suggestions for events. 
  • Speakers/Presenters, Ideas:
    • Forum w Sup Rafael Mandelman and his opponent – decided that was not a big draw since opponent has little support and we have seen Rafael a lot. 
    • General discussion of MONA, Ongoing Projects, volunteer opportunities
    • Police captain- All board members agreed this is a good idea. Dan agreed to contact SFPD and Captain Jack Hart said he will 90% be there, or will send a representative.
    • Historical program- All board members agreed this is a good idea. Carol and Joe to put together 

Neighborhood Decorations: 

  • Decorations: we’ll put up what we have. Lightpole wrapping throughout the neighborhood would be a bigger project. For example, our decorator had to pay for workers to reach the Ashbury Terrace pillars to hang those decorations last year, $400 paid pro-bono for that.
  • Approved $500 at last meeting for additional decorations. 
  • To extend that to neighborhood-wide decor like wrapping light poles, etc. would cost another $2K? Discussion about just wrapping one pole in each area of the neighborhood. Mimsy- lots of traffic recently, not sure about creating more traffic by making our neighborhood a holiday-decor sightseeing destination.
  • Mimsy- do we want to do more to welcome new areas recently added to MONA like 17th and Roosevelt? Decorating borders? 
  • Dan: Maybe just wrap a pole at Frederick /Delmar, Roosevelt/17th, Ashbury gates, Masonic /UT, Loma Vista. Ribbons will be thrown away. Pay labor. $1500 for Ribbon +Labor.  Discussion about finding neighbors to donate their time. Susan to find contractors for decorating poles gratis. Get Jim & Chris involved.
  • Decided not to spend additional $ for decoration beyond the $500 and to try to get anything additional using pro bono labor and materials. 

Neighborhood Building Notifications and Policy

Dan: Currently we are aware of proposed projects at 213 UT, 245 UT, Dawson/Clinton’s project at 17th/Roosevelt and up the hill to UT. Dan receives notices when they are required and every once in awhile receives calls regarding these (and other) projects. Another recent one was on Delmar. Our policy has been that MONA will not take a position or be involved in organizing opposition or support or even communicating about the project unless the project is so large as to affect most of the neighborhood. To take a position, the membership should vote, yet much of the neighborhood would not be interested in any particular development. Instead, Dan has just made someone from the board or another active member in the immediate area of the project aware of the project (although often they already had received notice) and then let the immediate neighbors take it from there.

Carol: traditionally in the the past, MONA has taken a position at times. This included with respect to the proposal to build houses at the sharp turn of Upper Terrace and some of the large buildings up by Mt Olympus Park. All of these were very long ago.

Esther: nice to have a forum for people to get issues presented. 

Dan: If neighbors have issues with a project, they can organize on their own. They can also contact the planning dept which already has a very extensive neighborhood notification and input process.  

Carol: You have to work hard to defeat these projects. Goes against 30 years of tradition. 

Dan: Discussions happen at pre-app meeting, having MONA set one up doesn’t make a difference. Getting MONA involved necessarily means that MONA is taking the side of one neighbor over another. Contentiousness is inevitable.

Katie: Do we have the bandwidth to take on organizing opposition or support of particular developments, including understanding what the development entails and the various arguments in favor or against.  Esther thought board did not have capacity to do the research and keep informed

 There is no consensus to change the current policy.

Landscaping for Monument way stairs 

  • Esther: Anya (DPW contact) mentioned phase 2 of the project which will include landscaping. will begin 3/1/22. 
  • They provide rough estimate for landscaping based on funds from Rafael. 
  • Esther to reach out to Anya to get update. Projected to last 10 months total?


  • Caroling 12/11 @ 5:00PM – ask for RSVPs in communications
  • Party at Joyce Polhamus/Stuart Eckblad’s house@ 107 Upper Ter.
    • Meeting at the mailbox at Upper and Clifford, go down UT, left on masonic to Piedmont, and around to the party house. 
    • Dan has caroling books.
  • Bring and drop food and drinks beforehand. Katie and Esther do a run through with Joyce and Stuart? Esther to set up Katie and Esther meet with Joyce and Stuart regarding details closer to event date.
    • Ask attendees to bring either food or drink depending on odd or even number address
    • Child safety concern. Keep all the children downstairs?
    • Dan to come up with nice way to say you need to monitor your children


  • Logo- send Susan logos that you think are good. Susan to ask Keili’s art class.
  • Plaque for monument: Dan is still investigating
  • Monument Way steps: rebar in street belongs to contractor for that, not 400 UT
  • Carol: Re: Sidewalk, referred to Urban forestry. Advertising for cement guy, must be using $ to pay the cement guy.
  • Mimsy: has a contact within city hall. (I don’t remember the context of why this came up)
  • Volunteer work day at Monument- Saturday 10/1/22 @ 10:00AM

MONA Board Meeting – August 9, 2022

Attendees: Mimsy Goodman, Carol Glanville, Esther Marks, Katie Wilcox, Susan Takaki, Dan Slaughter

  • Membership Flyer distribution
    • Mimsy: ran out of flyers, piedmont apartment building- how to distribute flyers? Esther will provide more flyers. Invite Trevor & Dennis
    • Susan will pass out flyers this weekend.
    • Katie hasn’t spoken to 2 people on Ashbury terrace re: perspective board participation. Katie wanted to make sure they were MONA members and reconfirm names before approaching
  • Roosevelt Way was invited to join MONA because- close to neighborhood, mutual interests, they don’t belong to a neighborhood assoc. Several neighborhood orgs are so large- Eureka runs to cole valley, no corona heights NA, etc. Former MONA president lived on Roosevelt
    • Mimsy: If going down to Roosevelt, why not go down to museum way. Agreed to table further expansion for now
    • People from Roosevelt have joined, and 17th St. They use the 17th St steps.
    • Someone from Roosevelt asked if they could belong to MONA, probably due to Dawson/Clinton project
  • Water main project update- Dan will send update. Clifford to Ashbury St.
    • Fire hydrants replaced during recent water main work on Upper Ter. Old hydrants still there. They will not take away until water main project (including down the hill into Haight) is done. 
  • 17 Street Steps- no work started yet. Staging at circle. 
  • New resident welcome package- Mimsy: hardest thing is volume. Found cutting board made out of wood for $6.00 EA. May have to order 25. Dan likes the one with the hole in it. Katy- buy some pre-printed? If we have a ton of extras we can sell at Cole Valley fair or other neighborhood fair. Mimsy- dishtowel idea is also good, Dan: if you can get a cheap enough dishtowel it will be good. 
  • Mimsy not doing logo. Dan volunteered to take on logo.
    • Susan will ask Keili to ask her artist friends if they are interested. Dan will see if we can use crowd-source website. Components: view, parks, middle of city, charming houses, mount hill. Not real (to scale) map logo with sutro, houses,etc. MONA with artwork built into the logo. Logos should have meaning 
    • Katie- map of SF and put X where MONA is. 
  • List of projects that need possible donation:
    • Putting a plaque on the monument where there used to be on etched into the stone ”Erected by Adolph Sutro 1887” . It’s really hard to see. Dan, if we are going to put something there: picture of statue with wording.
      • Dan passed out flyer with photo of statue and wording: 

Mount Olympus Park

A gift to San francisco from Adoph Sutro, the monument and Triumph of Light statue formerly erected here at the center of the city, were dedicated on November 24, 1887. Then portion of poem read and dedication ceremony (Dan: Can we attach flyer and photo to this document for our records?)

  • Mimsy: why cant’ we say something about it being the geographic city center. Dan: needs to put wording that people can’t complain about – so it says “center of the city”.
  • $10K estimate is how much the plaques in the sidewalk in Castro cost. Installing on a pillar may be more expensive. Mimsy: does city pay for installation. Esther: that is a fundraising thing. Dan: easy to do on wooden benches, but we are dealing with concrete and stone. In favor of just the plaque with wording as suggested. The next step is someone to design the plaque, figure out how much to install, and get the city to approve. Carol- parks dept, maybe arts commission must be consulted. Carol: gift to city, has to be accepted. Esther: likes Dan’s approach, let’s go ahead and do it and then figure it out. Carol: consultation is required. Dan: we will have the consultation if we need. We are gathering facts now. Esther: Dan & Katie taking this project on 
  • Esther: SF beautiful. Fundraising plan for plaque, we can use them as fiscal sponsor (so donations are tax deductible). Budget should be ok. They spoke to general membership meeting before – Darcy? Before the pandemic, it was Carol’s idea. 
  • Workday: 10 people showed up. Frasier, Ed & daughter, park dept moving along, gardener gone over 1 month due to covid (in charge of buena vista, corona, mt olympus). Hopefully back soon.
    • Esther: Jo Hefferenan wants to donate extra cacti, are there gardeners daily. Next workday? 
    • Susan: Wish we could have more color at the park. Took photos of parks in presidio for inspiration for our park. Dan: Very very high wind, not alot of sun, soil is not deep. Frankie chose plants that he thought would survive. There are succulents with purple flower, bloom frequently. Did frankie spend all $5K? Carol- arboretum will have plants. Frankie is aware that we want more color. Some of them will bloom. Some of the plants won’t survive. Susan to talk to Frankie
  • Block party- Mimsy submitted application. Approved. Delmar at Piedmont.
    • Flyer people that live on the block. Dan send email to everyone. Katie to draft flyer and email, Dan send reminder 2 weeks before party. Katie- heavy on activities on Sept. Mimsy- need table, something to put on them. Flyer is to impacted neighbors, email is to MONA. 
    • Esther: Katie-get some neighbors to help with block party details
    • Need something to block off: Dan : Have to use bike rack things. MTA will deliver if we pay the fee.Barricades are needed to tell people we are having an official party. We need to reach out to people directly to get them to complete a task. 
    • Katie: master list. Flyer, and will get that done on Friday. Who can do what. Zoom call to follow up. Esther: table are needed. 
  • Katie drafted email re: symphony. Dan: Emails go to members and non-members. MItzi, $20 for symphony, Dan$20 for symphony and you need to be a member. Katie got 26. Last year bought 23, but Katie bought 3 and she had to sell 4 so the baseline is 16. 30 maximum, and we bought 28. Mitizi says she may have people that want to buy tix.
    • Joe suggested cocktail event before or after symphony. 
    • Same program as opening night gala. Esperanza Spalding. Casual, hip fun environment. Energy and vibe is better 
  • Should hold general membership meeting in fall- mid oct or early nov. 11.2 or 11.3. 
  • Need theme. History preservation important.Historical presentation. Need someone as a custodian as historical documents. Solicit some neighbors for information. Joe nominated as historical custodian 
  • Caroling party- Carol: we can ask at general meeting. Dan need date first before asking anyone. 12/11 Sunday. Have the party in the certain area of the house to be able to include the kids. 
  • Street lights were replaced on Ashbury terrace but not piedmont and delmar. Light at corner for clifford and upper. Who installed the historic lights in the first place? On UT. It’s PG&E. PGE responsible for maintaining. 311 complaints will go to PGE. Neighbors painted the globe black. What to do about decorating light posts for holiday?
  • garbage – 3:30AM on piedmont. 8 months ago, 6AM for 3 months, back to 3:30AM. 

MONA Board Meeting – June 22, 2022

  • Members present: Mimsy Goodman, Carol Glanville, Esther Marks, Katie Wilcox, Susan Takaki, Dan Slaughter
  • Susan agrees to be Secretary for MONA – unanimously approved
  • Membership flyer distribution:
    • Mimsy-Delmar & Piedmont
    • 200-400 UT Susan
    • Rest of UT &  Loma Vista, Masonic, Ashbury terrace- Esther
    • Sarah Monroy – Clifford Terrace
  • Membership Misc info
    • Right now there is no subscription service connected to our website. So people can only make a single donation, no way to have it repeat annually. To do this our WordPress website needs a Stripe account. WordPress only uses Stripe, which takes a percentage of each payment. Susan to reach out to Carine to find out who I can reach out to at Stripe to see if they can waive fee which is 4.5% per payment (so, .90 on $20) 
    • It would be nice to automate subscription so people do not have to remember to renew each year. Of course, anyone can opt out at any time. 
    • Previously, Dan sends email in July for everyone who hasn’t renewed for this year.
    • Approved to open Stripe account and add subscription option to website
  • Recruit new board members- 
    • Katie- will approach Ashbury Ter couples- Che Fico and couple in gray house with young toddler. Katie’s neighbors (not anytime soon, but maybe in near future)
  • New resident welcome packet- something more than a flyer. I climbed Mt Olympus T-shirt/ How much $$ to spend on packet? How many shirts. Sizing is an issue. Dishtowel. Potholder, something practical. Dishtowel w MONA on it.
    • Carol- MONA once had a logo, stationary. Not terribly sophisticated though. Companies bid for designing of logo, per Dan
      • Crowdsource logo, then go on object. Screwdriver, tool kit – decide later
      • Mimsy volunteered to look into welcome object
  • Discussion of Possible projects for which we could ask for additional donations
    • If we had a fiscal sponsor, donations would be tax deductible. Parks Alliance will do it but will take a percentage of whatever is raised and likely any other fiscal sponsor would also. Something like 10%. 
    • Esther- how large a project? Does it matter if it’s tax deductible?
      • Carol- corporations will match donations
      • Katie- for approved orgs only though
      • Dan- $$ going to Parks Alliance (or whoever the fiscal sponsor is) and MONA tells them what to do with $$, can’t just sign up w them and tell them what to do. Need a set project, with budget. 
      • First step- what is the project,
        • Get a fiscal sponsor who is appropriate.

Dan proposed plaque to put on the monument in Mt Olympus Park. Picture of plaque and words underneath. Carol asked why RPD would not just pay for the plaque and Dan explained they have already declined to do that. Currently, there is no plaque there, etched in stone “Erected by Adolph Sutro 1887”, but can’t really read it unless you already know what it is – pretty much worn off totally. There are metal plaques all over the city, with pictures and description. Castro and Embarcadero, for example, put there by people raising $. At least $10K as an estimate based on the cost of the plaques in the sidewalk in Castro. 

  • 450 households in MONA area not incl Roosevelt and 17th, but including all households, tenants, vacant units, etc. 
  • Esther suggested SF Beautiful as a fiscal sponsor for plaque project. Mike Heffernan would take it on.
    • Carol asked – Why Mike H? He did the street lights per Esther. 
    • Carol noted that temporary photo blow up of things important to neighborhood were done once, but Dan noted this would be permanent
    • Katie- why would we do this? Doing it for donations? 
    • Dan- doing it bc nice thing for neighborhood, and we can get $ from city. Likely could get a budget add-back from Sup Mandelman. How much to ask for?
    • Katie- would be nice to have plaque to explain why the park and monument are there. RPD’s old sign at least said Mt Olympus park, so people would know where they are at, and what the monument is if they look it up, but now RPD has a generic park sign that does not even identify the park by name.
      • 100 households are members currently, what percentage will contribute? Need a plan that gets us to the total amount needed. Need a way to get the message out, a reason to donate, and shout them out on the website. For example, if you need $10k, you need 100 people to give $100. If you don’t think you will get 100 people, then you need more from each person. At least 30 people in neighborhood who can do that. 
  • Mimsy- possibly people donating brick with or without their name on it, Dan- where to put brick, I don’t think we are reconstructing the monument?
  • Dan- get people who would not otherwise be involved to get involved. 4 people @ 5K, everyone else $100. Public park makes project more complicated.
  • Carol- 4 benches around the park. One in bad repair. Plaque on each bench with name of donor. Dan – that adds cost and complexity – these are concrete benches that would need metal plaques affixed to them – that might eat up more than $5000/bench!. 
  • Esther- people should donate without needing their name on something. Ashbury Terrace pillars fundraising only, not names. 
  • DAN & Katie volunteered to take on plaque project and advance the idea
    • submit application before 7/1/22 $150 vs $200 fee. 
    • Someone has to submit application that lives on the street. Delmar, Piedmont easy to close. Hosting block party near Delmar/Piedmont will encourage people from Delmar to join. 
    • Close Delmar between Piedmont and Frederick. Mimsy will submit application on (Go to neighborhood party section on SFMTA website).
      • Give Jim Laufenberg (lives on Delmar and a member) a chore so he can be involved. Dan will reach out to Jim to help out with block party 
    • Bounce house, ice cream guy, make you own ice cream? Not this year.
    • No alcohol, period. Bring your own alcohol, no alcohol provided. 
    • Date, location, permit. 9/18/22 3:00-5:00pm. 
    • Barriers- how to obtain, ask Laurel Rohde. Make it look nice, setting the tone for the next year. 
  • Holiday Decorations
    • Approved $500 for additional decoration for monument and AT pillars, more to the pillars this year especially on the side toward our neighborhood. Hard to figure out how to put it on the pillars. 
    • AT pillars are going to be powerwashed and painted b/c it got tagged.
    • Katie has info for pillar restoration. Looking for volunteers for restoration of pillars. Katie will wash the pillars in advance, so work can be done after. Set the date so people know when to come help and Dan can send out notice for volunteers
  • Symphony:
    • Mitzi Palmer has renewal form from city. Katie is on the list as contact. Dan will reconnect Katie and Mitzi. 
    • 4 tickets were not used last year. Allotment? Katie will get back to us. “If you think you might be interested please reach out.” Usually do it in advance. Earlier you order the better the seats. Members only can get tickets. Good way to get people to join. 
  • Skipped a few agenda items TBC
    • 7/30 next workday in the park, 10/1 as well.
      • Katie- Suggestion on workday- what about volunteers that live outside of neighborhood? Will put notice on sandwich board at Monument for next workday 2 weeks in advance.
      • Carol- bulb planting in the park in Oct?

2/24/22 MONA general membership meeting – Randall Museum

– Roughly 18 Neighbors in attendance


  • Department of Public Works: Raymond Lui and Anya Disbrow (
  • District 8 Supervisor: Rafael Mandelman (Jackie Prager, David Burke in attendance)
  • SF Safe: Art Campos, Public Safety Coordinator

-Recognition of outgoing MONA board members Sarah Monroy and Herb Williams

-Re-election of current board members: Dan Slaughter, Carol Glanville, Esther Marks, Mimsy Goodman (unanimous)

-Election of incoming new board members: Katie Wilcox and Susan Takaki

-Motion to add adjoining streets to MONA: Roosevelt Way (17th Street to Masonic) and 17th St (Roosevelt to Clayton)
All board members elected and motion PASSED unanimously

Dept of Public Works: Monument Way stair project:

  • Construction beginning May 2022
  • Cal State Constructors hired to do the project
  • No stairway access during estimated 4 month duration of project
  • Will be very loud noise the first 2-3 weeks of the project
  • Work hours 7:00am-3:00pm
  • They plan to store construction equipment on Upper Ter, but residents noted narrow sharp turn and suggest using street space on Roosevelt (near 17th). Scope of project to include 175 ft new concrete stair and walls, new handrailing along entire stairway (on both sides), recessed lighting placed every 8.5 ft along entire east side of stairs (will remain on all night). Electrical box panel also to be installed on the wall facing 17th street.
  • Budget for stairs: $1M. 
  • DPW inspects stairways every 4 years. These have been on their radar for quite some time
  • Issues, questions:
    • How to integrate landscaping funds from Mandelman with stairwell project? Answer from DPW: stairs first, then landscaping second
    • Concrete retaining wall from 353 Upper Terrace to remain
    • Sewer drain- existing drain clogs during rainstorms, is DPW adding new drains? Answer: current drain “tough situation, happens everywhere”. Not adding new drains
    • Need for lighting on bottom steps @17th Street.  DPW will need to research.
    • Removal of planters owned by 330 Upper Ter
    • Signage- who maintains? DPW
    • Adding colorful tiles, etc- can be both publicly & privately funded. No current plans to do that


  • Only 13 graduates from Police Academy this year. Losing 100 officers/year. Police force consistently down over the years.
  • David Burke- district 8 public safety liaison- go to for break-ins, crime, etc
  • When emailing Mandelman, please also CC someone from his office as he receives high volume of emails
  • Current issues he’s working on:
    • Homeless, mental health needs
    • Expand shelter capacity
      Focus on conservatorship
      Land use/Housing: limit monster homes
      Chair of transportation authority- caltrain & high speed rail @ Salesforce Transit Center
      Environmental legislation- adding more EV charging stations
  • Questions from neighbors:
    • $5K addback allocation for Mt Olympus park- if not used will be resorbed back to general fund
    • Buena Vista pPark- specific locations need extra cleaning due to human biohazard. Mandelman was not aware of how bad it is there
    • How can people help with the homeless/mental health/crime crisis? Two things:
      1. Ask city to commit to shelter people to get them off streets. Can also check out Rescue SF
      2. Figure out placements for people that need extra supervision, not incarceration, non-jail alternatives for petty criminals
  • Steph Blachowski asked re add lighting in Mt Olympus Park.  Follow up with Jackie Prager
  • Carol Glanville noted PGE not doing their job, some streetlights not functioning properly, for years. Mandelman’s office can help expedite that issue
  • How are the millions spent on homeless allocated?- Shelter is not cheap. $150/per person/night – because the shelter needs staff to make it safe, effective. Need to focus on immediate shelter vs permanent housing


  • Provides individual residential security assessments for free
  • Suggests installing motion sensor lights to deter criminals
  • Safety tips for preventing garage break ins
    • Plexiglass instead of glass 
    • Deadbolts
    • Motion sensor lighting, especially dark areas. Or keep dark areas lit all night 


MONA Board Meeting –   January 27, 2022


Dan Slaughter 
Carol Glanville 
Esther Mark
Katie Wilcox 
Herb Williams 

I. Budget Report – Esther  

Cash on hand $5746.97

85 members currently (may not be completely accurate)  

II. Recruitment of new Board members 

Discussed our desire to add 1-2 additional board members.  Would be good to have someone tech savvy who could manage the MONA website, and maybe someone with experience with city govt agencies.  These are nice to haves, but agreed that getting new board members to sign on is more important than requiring specific expertise. 

We discussed approaches to recruiting new board members:   e.g., ask people at park day, solicit people at upcoming full membership meeting,  and can directly ask individuals we think might be good and might be willing.   

Still need to schedule full membership meeting. Esther still trying to get response from Randall Museum folks without much success.  If no firm date scheduled by Feb 15, we will consider other options (outdoor at park or museum amphitheater, etc.) 

III. New Business

–  Block party:   discussed locations at  Piedmont/Delmar/Ashbury Terrace corner  or 100 block near intersection of UT  and Ashbury Terrace or at Mt. Olympus Park.   The Piedmont corner is pretty busy, so maybe close off Piedmont block is a better option.  We would want to put out tables and chairs to make more comfortable and inviting.  

– Potential timing:  May 14 ’22   maybe 1-4pm.  Katie will spearhead.  We will need to get permit for closure and event.  Will use MONA funds to provide some foods/beverages.  Can also ask members to bring food items and beverages of choice.  

-Crime meeting at Laura Sanchez:  Outdoor meeting with residents and Police and Supervisors –  Very good turnout.  

It was discussed the idea of having a group of neighbors get same camera and have footage available from different angles or vantage points if there is an incident.  This could be complicated to administrate.  We will ask SF SAFE to come to full membership meeting to give us a presentation on how to participate in a camera system. 

-Increasing dues:  Discussed possibly raising MONA dues.  Discussed purpose of increase.  Should be based on a set of projects we want to complete:  social  to encourage participation and membership, and physical improvements to common areas and neighborhood generally, e.g.:  block party / replanting sidewalk area across from park / neighborhood cleanup/weeding / supplemental lighting and landscaping for 17th Street stairs, more elaborate holiday decorations (light poles, etc.)  Having set proposed projects would drive support for increasing dues.  

– Also discussed no dues increase but asking for contributions for particular projects for the coming year.   

Need further discussion of potential projects and whether we need additional dues or contributions.  Board members will each think about and propose potential projects and budgets for next meeting. 

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm. 

MONA Board Meeting

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2021

Board Members Present: 

Dan Slaughter (host)

Esther Marks 

Mimsy  Goodman 

Carol Glanville 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Dan noted that Sarah Monroy resigned from the board a week prior to this meeting, citing her family and other community responsibilities. We thank Sarah for her service and wish her well. She promises to remain involved with MONA as a member.
  • Welcome to Katie Wilcox (74 Piedmont), in attendance at this meeting, who has agreed to join the board subject to vote at next general meeting. Katie will spearhead MONA’s social events.
  • We discussed the need to recruit additional board members, especially one from Clifford Terrace, Delmar, Masonic, Loma Vista. We would also like to recruit someone to help with the website and a renter, for diversity.
  • Budget Report (Esther):  Current MONA treasury balance is  over $6K.  We have not had many expenses over the last year.  Esther & Sarah Monroy’s & Mimsy’s  membership flyer project over the summer and Dan’s reminder emails successfully spurred renewals and new memberships.
  • We discussed a block party in October, to coincide with the city’s “Phoenix” program intended to mark the re-emergence of social programs as the pandemic wanes. By consensus, we all felt it was too late to plan and execute such an event, but we will look for opportunities for a block party next year.
  • Holiday Decorations:  We again discussed Piedmont Gates and Mt Olympus Park holiday decoration and agreed on a budget of approximately $500.  Dan reported that Stephan Blachowski is willing to decorate and Dan will coordinate with him to purchase the decorations and put them up by December 4 weekend. We discussed informing the Piedmont neighbors that generally take care of the Gates to make sure they are aware of our plans and Katie said she would do that.
  • Holiday Caroling & After Party – We agreed on December 12 as the date for this event, with caroling beginning at 5 pm and the after party at 6:30 pm. We agreed it would be good to promote the event through social media and otherwise, making sure to note that kids are welcome and that people may place a candle in their window to show support or just turn on a porch light. Dan will ask neighbors that previously volunteered for the party if they are still interested, or find somewhere else to hold that. As always, MONA will pay for beverages and people can bring food to share.
  • Expansion of boundaries – At previous meeting we voted to add Roosevelt Way (both sides) from Masonic to 17th St, and 17th St (both sides) from Roosevelt/Uranus to Clayton. That expansion is subject to general membership vote at next meeting. We discussed whether to include the 1400 block of Masonic as well, but decided that area is more closely related to Haight Ashbury District.
  • General membership meeting – we are awaiting word from Randall Museum as to when we can have a general meeting in one of their meeting rooms. Since holidays are approaching, general meeting will be next year.
  • Monument Way Stairs – DPW’s project to replace the top portion of these stairs is slated to be started and will include lighting. After this board meeting we learned that the project will start “after the rainy season.”
  • Sidewalk area across from Mt Olympus Park. We will continue to solicit volunteers to maintain and beautify this area, perhaps putting plantings under the bushes and at the ends – MONA could buy plants if necessary. 
  • Bus Line #6 – SFMTA is considering eliminating this line which many people (especially on Delmar) use regularly. Newsletter sent asking people to take MTA’s survey to express their opinion re removing this line.

Meeting was adjourned without discussing other agenda topics because of time constraints.   

MONA Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Board Members Present: 

Esther Marks (host)

Dan Slaughter 

Mimsy  Goodman 

Carol Glanville 

Herb Williams 

Topics Discussed: 

– Budget Report (Esther):  Current MONA treasury balance is  over $5K.  We have not had many expenses over the last year.  Esther & Sarah plan to distribute membership flyers to the neighborhood in June.

– Holiday:  Piedmont Gates Holiday decoration.  Stephan Blachowski has said he would be willing to decorate if we propose and finalize  early (November).    The idea was also suggested of maybe   having a decorating “event” just after Thanksgiving with Stephan directing the decorating among neighbors.  We can provide a budget and Steph would source and acquire the decorations.  

– New Board member:   General agreement that we should seek to recruit another board member to replace Laurel Rohde.   We discussed that it would be good to get someone enthusiastic about planning social events, etc.  Dan proposed  “Ed” from  the 433 UT building.   Mimsy suggested Katie and Rob Wilcox.   Dan will ask Katie and Rob and go from there.  

Some expressed that it would be good to maybe have a renter added to the board.  

– New Resident Welcome Package –   We discussed maybe putting together a new resident welcome package that might include the “I climbed Mt. Olympus”  t-shirt; a fun facts sheet or newsletter, and other miscellaneous items.   Who from board will be responsible?  Not clear.  We can maybe ask the new board member.   

– MONA Boundaries:  Hanus Jelinek  of 520 Roosevelt inquired about extending MONA boundaries to include his area.   (Roosevelt/17th/ Loma Vista).  We discussed and there was a motion to expand  the MONA boundaries to  17th  street from Clayton to Roosevelt, Roosevelt up to Masonic.  Both sides of the street.   The motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.   Dan will draw up a new map of the boundaries and bring to next board meeting.   We will need to arrange to hand out membership fliers to the newly included buildings.  Esther will assign.  (This all assumes that the membership votes in favor of the expansion – at next general meeting – as required by By Laws.)     

– Next General Membership Meeting –   Possibly  late October or early November.   Dan will check to see availability of  Randall Museum and let us know/schedule.

– Park Issues 

  • Sidewalk area planting.  Recently weeded/cleared.  Dan and Herb will speak to Parks/Rec assigned maintenance guy (Shon) to ask about possible additional planting and care.  We will need someone from MONA to supervise/oversee/care for any new plantings. Potentially Shon could resolve this issue by including it in his purview of planting/care (which we’ve always wanted anyway).  We know that we have been told that sidewalk area is not a Parks and Rec area, but Shon seems to be willing to work in that area anyway.   
  • We will try to find a volunteer to spearhead the sidewalk beautification and maintenance effort.  Possibly use some MONA funds to buy plants and have new planting done as part of the next work day.  

– Traffic limiting / Esther reports that there has been some progress with the traffic management efforts. Loma Vista is getting speed bumps; Upper Terrace (Masonic to BV East) is progressing toward speed bumps (notices going out)

Meeting was adjourned without discussing other agenda topics because of time constraints.   

MONA – Board Meeting – July 23, 2020
Present:Dan MimsyHerbEsther Carol (at end) 
1.  Neighborhood Cameras:  Dan learned that a local individual (Eric Larson) is willing to pay for installation of cameras for neighborhood groups for increased neighborhood security.  There are some concerns over who would “monitor” the video or be responsible for reviewing video when necessary for crimes committed and footage might be needed for police investigations.  We think it makes sense to make the inquiries to see if the program would apply to MONA and see what the mechanics would be.  Dan will make a note about the possibility of the program in the newsletter.  
2.  DPW finally came to trim and shaped the bushes opposite the park steps.  Looks great.  Now we have to maintain.   One suggestion is that we buy a hedge trimmer and maintain them on a volunteer basis.   DPW will not maintain.  If we trim them every few months, it will remain an easy maintenance job.  Herb has volunteered to be the keeper of the MONA hedge trimmers.  Others in the neighborhood can borrow them. We can rotate volunteers to do the trimming.  Herb said he would be happy to start the rotation.    – Motion was made, seconded and passed to buy hedge trimmers at a max of $350, but afterwards we realized we have hedge trimmers purchased long ago and held by a neighbor. If those still work we can save the $350.  We will draft a legal release document for those who will operate or borrow the trimmers.   
3.  Dawson & Clinton Development (Roosevelt/17th – Upper Terrace).  Dan found out that they are selling the property/development.  Dan thinks it will probably sell, though it is hard to know to whom or to what end. D&C previously pledged $150,000 for neighborhood improvement projects and it is unknown whether a replacement developer would make the same/similar commitment. 
The meeting was adjourned. 

MONA Board Meeting March 4, 2020 (by Herb Williams, Secretary)
Present:Dan Slaughter, Sarah Monroy, Carole Glanville, Laurel Rohde, Esther Marks, Herb Williams


  1. Budget report and membership report – Esther & Dan
    1. MONA took in $1575.45 in dues in 2019  
    2. Most came through using the envelopes left at neighborhood mailboxes.
    3. Currently have $4134.77 in account / from the dues, and low spending/costs
    4. May is next planning distribution of membership forms
    5. Sarah will update membership letter before next distribution.  
  1. Spring or Fall block party or other social event?
    1. Talked about something near PIedmont/Ashbury Terrace  / having best garden contest   (Greg/Wade will abstain) 
    2. Laurel thinks September is timing sweet spot.  
    3. Mimsy is assigned to think about potential events/project
    4. Now doing 3 Work Days in the park per year.   April, July and October  (April 4  / July 11)  April Workday now canceled due to Corona Virus issues 
    5. Maybe add a social/food/drink element to the work day to encourage more participation – Will add “catered” lunch after workday.  Workday 9-12 and Lunch 12-2.   
  2. General membership meeting date? Speakers (new Park Station Police Chief? Mandelman again? Chiu?
    1. We should probably have a general meeting twice a year.   There’s no big need, but it’s a good idea.   
    2. Last one was November.  Next one sometime in May.   Agenda would speakers from city departments, new police chief, etc. 
    3. Could also poll attendees on possible events/parties, etc.  “Would you be more like to attend. A/B/C?  
  3. Park and other public spaces
    1. Work days scheduled for April 4, July 11 and October 3.  April work day now canceled due to Corona virus issues 
    2. Parks Alliance – fiscal sponsorship (would need to apply next year as deadline for this year is in March) – or consider other fiscal sponsor?
      1. What will they sponsor?   Sidewalk strip across from Mt. Olympus Park.   Need to get rid of current landscaping, plant trees an maintain
      2. Carol will write up a request/question to the neighbors whose properties are responsible for the sidewalk section that needs work.   
    3. We need a “project” with a budget, what?
      1. Monument Way Stairs – waiting for DPW to say when they will start, what they will do – then we might consider fundraising for additional work (lights? Landscaping?)
        1. DPW guy says they are “about to put it out for bid.”  Plan includes a lighting design.  Dan has asked for the plans/drawings.  
      2. Sidewalk across from Mt Olympus Park – consider project to re-landscape with trees that would be maintained by DPW, other plantings to be maintained by us.
      3. Some project that relates to Delmar, Piedmont & Ashbury Terrace area?
  4. Traffic
    1. Clifford/Roosevelt – progress?
      1. No progress that we know of at this point.  Will try to get the MTA to come to the May general membership meeting. 
    2. 5-way stop – progress?
      1. No progress that we know of.   We will keep checking 
  5. Various projects – D&C project (last estimate groundbreaking Summer 21 with payment of our $150k then); 247 UT; 272 UT (now apparently to be sold instead)

MONA Board Meeting –  November 6, 2019 
Attendance:Dan Slaughter, Sarah Monroy, Carol Glanville, Miriam Goodman, Esther Marks, Herb Williams 

Holiday Caroling and Party    

Considering the waning attendance the last few years, query whether we should continue?

Most think we should do something.  Maybe not outdoor caroling in light of weather riskiness at that time of year.  

Tentatively:  Caroling starting at 5p and then a party at a home at 6p.    

Dan proposed sending out a call for a volunteer to host, but we don’t expect an enthusiastic response.   

If we don’t find a host we can just do caroling (with refreshments on the mailbox corner). 

Budget Report and Membership drive – Esther 

– After enlarged boundaries – new members enrolled from Delmar, Loma Vista and Upper Terrace 

– Budget: 

Treasury is almost $4000.  Only significant expenses this period are the small fee when people pay membership dues by credit card (on website)   and rental of rooms at Randall Museum for membership meetings. 

 – Spring Block Party 

Some think we should have a block party in the spring –  something in central location is probably best.  Maybe where Delmar/Piedmont/Ashbury Terrace intersect. 
April probably too early for weather confidence.  Maybe early May is better timing

Mimsy will assume responsibility for coming up with a recommendation for a project or social event.

It was suggested we maybe have a Delmar best landscaping contest (and if successful, extend to other streets/sections) to encourage more direct participation among new and old members 

Traffic calming

We have noticed traffic sensors at each of the 5 streets intersecting Masonic/Upper Terrace (streets before and after Masonic) /Loma Vista/Roosevelt Way

 Board confirmed that Sarah can represent to SFMTA and other traffic calming city agencies that MONA supports some action at Clifford Terrace and Roosevelt 

Parks and Public Spaces 

– Possible projects:   We asked about putting lighting on the stairs.  If DPW says no, we could make a project (write a grant proposal or use Dawson/Clinton donation); landscaping on stairs; irrigation system in Mt. Olympus, or others.   

– Sidewalk across from park stairs – Parks/Rec said they can cut down bushes and plant trees that will be maintained by the city.  We should follow through and finalize process 

Dan will put out “Help Wanted” email that lists things we need (gardening, hosting, etc.) 

Carol proposed that we thank those residents who volunteer their homes for polling places.   

Meeting was adjourned.

MONA General Membership Meeting – September 18, 2019 (by Herb Williams, Secretary)
13 MONA members in attendance, 2 neighbors from Roosevelt, plus city staff

Randall Museum.   6:30 pm
–  Welcome and Agenda – Dan Slaughter 

– First Speaker:  Ray Lui – Structural Engineer, Section Manager-Design & Engineering – Dept of Public Works 
Ray discussed the needed repairs to the Monument Way Stairs (between Upper Terrace and 17th Street) 
DPW has put together plans for repairs and they have money to rebuild the upper portion of the stairs Upon inspection, the bottom area of the stairs near 17th Street appear in pretty good structural shape.   Repairs needed in upper section and rampSome steps will be added / walls are leaning and will be rebuilt DPW expects to get plans to contractor candidates and within a few weeks get an estimate.  The project should start  shortly thereafter (and the neighborhood Project would likely start in Winter 2019-20.   Stairs will be shut down during construction.  90-120 days till completion.  
DPW will try to preserve the style of the 1926 wall and will add handrailing   Additional lighting is still an unanswered question.  Need to determine from what source to pull power.  Electrical engineers will inspect and draw up plans.  
Regular maintenance by Ray’s section is only structural checks every 4 years. There is a separate DPW section in charge of street sweeping that would be responsible for public stairways also, and it was noted that usually only the bottom of the stairs is swept (every once in awhile) and trash accumulates on the stairs and around it. If there are problems between inspections (including need for sweeping), best for community to make 311 calls to report problems.  

– Second Speaker:  Carla Short, Superintendent, Bureau of Urban Forestry, DPW  
Carla addressed the question of maintenance of the shrubbery in the public right of way across from entrance to Mt. Olympus Park (the sidewalk strip).   In July 2017 pursuant to Prop D, DPW took over maintenance for all street trees in public right of way.  Even if not actually in sidewalk (and even unofficial streets) Before, the the city had assigned responsibility to adjacent property owners including any landscaping or other plantings under the trees.  
The new city responsibility only extends to trees and not any shrubbery or other plantings.   The plantings in the right of way across from the park are not considered trees and therefore will not be maintained by SF Public Works.  The shrubs at the sidewalk are officially the responsibility of each of the 4 property owners that are adjacent (back of properties that front on lower Upper Terrace – 248, 260, 266 & 272 Upper Ter). 
There was extensive discussion about how unreasonable it was to ask those property owners to maintain a space that we believe DPW originally planted, and which is on the other side of a city-installed concrete fence.Carla posed some possible options. Public Works can set up work day with community to help maintain the area, providing tools and assistance. This would be one time only and would include trimming the bushes.Also can work with neighbors/owners to replace shrubbery with trees which would then be maintained by Public Works. If plant trees the neighbors are responsible for regular watering for first 3 years.   Public works trees can be surrounded by decomposed granite covering and no additional planting, or we could have plantings which we would have to maintain.  Public Works would provide tree type options and community can choose what trees to plant. 
Carla also noted that the area can be added to the District 8 Community Clean Team project that would help maintain the area annually.  MONA could schedule a work day to correspond with the Clean Team work day.   
On a separate note, Carla will determine if the Eucalyptus trees at top of Monument Way Stairs are in public right away and thus the responsibility of Public Works. She will also determine if the trees are eligible for removal. 

– Third Speaker:  District 8 Supervisor –  Rafael Mandelman 
Rafael discussed traffic calming issues and current status.  An evaluation of area on Roosevelt between Clifford Terrace and Museum Way is scheduled for Spring 2020.  Other requests may also be in progress. Representatives from Roosevelt (outside MONA area) inquired about the intersection between Masonic/Roosevelt and generally about speed of cars on Roosevelt. 
A Transportation Network Company (TNC rides – Rideshare companies) tax is on the ballot for November.  Rafael encouraged us to vote for the measure as it will provide additional money for traffic calming and similar projects.
Rafael introduced his Legislative Assistant, Erin Mundy (in attendance) and noted that she is the point person on these traffic issues (among other things). He encouraged people to reach out to Erin with follow up. 415 554-6086
Rafael took questions and commented on issues around mental health, homelessness, motorized (including electric) scooter rules, drug use, congested Bay Area roads and MUNI improvement efforts. 

– Boundary proposal
Following the guest speakers, the membership took up the question of extending the boundaries of MONA membership.  
The proposal was to add to the MONA area:- The first block of Upper Terrace (0-99)- Loma Vista Terrace  and – 100 block of Delmar
The matter was discussed and a motion was made and seconded.   The motion passed with a majority “Yes” votes and no opposition votes (there were some abstentions).
Dan Slaughter reminded everyone of the next volunteer work day in Mt. Olympus Park, Saturday, Oct 5 from 9 am to noon.    

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

MONA Board Meeting  –  August 14, 2019 

Present – 
Dan Slaughter, Herb Williams, Carol Glanville, Miriam Goodman, Esther Marks  

Meeting called to order. 
–  Discussed how to get a broader representation from other streets into the association (other than “mostly” Upper Terrace).  
Some think we should add first block of Upper Terrace, Loma Vista, and Delmar (1 block) . . . most think there is no downside to increasing the boundaries to include these. 
Motion was made and seconded to add those 3 streets – and was passed.  
Noted later that a by-law vote at a general meeting is required, so Dan will add to agenda of September 18 general meeting.  

–  501c4 – status has been approved by both IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board.   Means MONA dues and other income does not have to be reported to tax authorities as income.  However, donations are not tax deductible.   
– Ester delivered membership envelopes to neighborhood homes and approximately 10 new members have joined. 
– Park and other Public Spaces –  we missed July deadline to apply for fiscal sponsorship with the Parks Alliance.    Possibilities for grants from Supervisor Rafael’s office – many options, but a great deal of work is required because of high competition.   DPW has stated that the structural engineer who went to examine the Mt. Olympus Monument Way Stairs is going to come to our general meeting in September.   Dan will try to contact engineer ahead of time to find out what he plans to cover.   Sup. Rafael Mandelman is scheduled to attend as well.  
– Dan also spoke with DPW about the sidewalk across from Monument Park.  DPW says they did not plant the bushes, and that they are  only responsible for tree maintenance.  Dan is continuing to talk to DPW about options for  them to take control/care of the sidewalk strip. 
– Traffic:  Most neighbors are concerned about neighborhood traffic.  Esther talked with many neighbors when distributing membership information.  No one objected to the idea of a circle at the 5-way intersection at Upper Terrace/Masonic/Roosevelt  Esther has applied for traffic calming at the intersection.  Also Esther also made a 311 application for evaluation of the intersection at Clifford and Roosevelt – a staffer has been assigned to evaluate that request.
– Street lights
PG&E has been adding new lights and changing lights in older fixtures along Upper Terrace.  Some of the lamps flicker or go off and on.  Carol is speaking to PG&E about resolving the problem.

– Crime/Police Interaction 
  Park Station Police Newsletter has a weekly crime blotter and other information relating to policy activity in their jurisdiction which is much wider than MONA area.  
Note that in previous board meeting Esther advised that a couple of checks paid to the city for permits for block parties were not cashed.  We agreed Esther should close out those payments and add amount to budget balance.  
Reminder – General Meeting September 18, 2019 at Randall Museum (Upstairs Room). 


MONA Board Meeting May 1, 2019
Attending: Dan Slaughter, Carol Glanville, Sarah Monroy, Herb Williams, Esther Marks

The meeting was called to order at 6:30p
I. General- We decided the next general membership meeting should??be September. It can help up increase interest in the upcoming SF symphony event.
– We also discussed: Inviting Rafael Mandelman (Dist 8 Supervisor) to the general meeting. Invite a DPW representative – Mohammed Nuru (Director of SF DPW)
-We again discussed that a board member should attend the SFPD Park Station neighborhood meetings. Mimsy has previously volunteered to be the police liaison. In her absence, we decided Mimsy should go to the next meeting and report back to us at next the board meeting (or general membership meeting).
– When sending out the notice of the general meeting, we should note that the above guest speakers from the city (DPW, City Supes, etc.) will attend. This should encourage attendance.
– We should discuss the new recycling rules at general meeting.
II. MTA – Parking Permit proposal. Nothing seems to be happening so we should leave it alone.
-Back Alley Way – Discussed trying to get it made a one-way to avoid over use by ride share drivers, etc, Dan will speak to Ardene Anderson about polling the property owners who abut the alley. We think a one way coming down the hill would be ideal.
III. RPD (Rec and Park)
– We want to ask Rec and Park to add a trash can to the Mt Olympus Park. We decided the best location would be the sidewalk area near water cage which is DPW responsibility. We assume if placed, they will handle trash pickup. As a fall back location, RPD could maybe place the can at the top of the stairs (and around the back side so as to not mar the appearance from the street)
– The board agreed that we should have a Park Day quarterly instead of twice a year. We should have name tags available so people can get to know each other. Dan should continue to meet with Frankie before the event to set up a plan for the Park Day. Next one should be July 13 or 20.
– Parks Alliance – Carol is still looking into this. Nothing has changed. Esther thinks we should raise money first then find a fiscal sponsor. Dan will get a Parks Alliance application for us to review and decide if we should apply.
-Esther’s Financial Report. Current balance. $2197- Laurel paid for the block party with a check that wasn’t cashed by the city. ($247) – MTA check we paid for the block party itself was never cashed. ($192)- So those bchecks could possibly clear later.
– 501c4 – we are waiting for state approval. Federal approval is complete.
IV. Social activities.
– Next block party? Laurel said it was a lot of work and wasn’t really worth it because of low turnout. Maybe we change location to the monument? Should we think about combining with BVNA (Java St. Party)? Maybe we make it a dog-focused event or other draw to attract more people. Herb suggested maybe we combine with Park Day (October) and encourage attendance at the party that will start at conclusion of park work (noon?).
Membership Drive – Dan revised and printed flyers. Sarah will distribute on Clifford Terrace. Katy doing Piedmont and Ashbury Terrace Esther – Masonic and Upper Terrace. Dan will send out emails to lapsed members. Hopefully will result in flood of new/renewing members
Scott Weiner’s Housing Bill SB50 – we think it best not to take a position on this.
Website – We should continue to increase and improve the site. Herb’s bio is still needed.
Newsletter – Dan will do as needed

Adjourned 8 pm

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